A unique offer of food safety courses

We offer a program that covers the basics to ensure minimum standards of safety within food processing factories.

With more than three hours of training and micro-training courses,you can take advantage of our offer and learn about allergen awareness, food supply defense, and cleaning and sanitizing procedures in a dry food manufacturing facility.

Training content developed in association with Biscuits Leclerc, a Quebec company that employs more than 1200 employees and whose products are distributed in more than 25 countries.

All training videos are followed by an evaluation that allows learners to obtain a certificate of completion .

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Good manufacturing practices

Good manufacturing practices

"Maintenance Personnel" Module

Good manufacturing practices

Maintenance Personnel

Good manufacturing practices

Requalification Questionnaire



Requalification Questionnaire

Cleaning and Sanitizing in a Dry Food Manufacturing Facility

Basic food defense awareness in a facility

Hygiene and Food Safety


Hygiene and Food Safety

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