It’s simple. We often describe our training as attractive, user-friendly, accessible, fun, dynamic, simple, intuitive, relaxed, effective and concise. For us, Cool Training is definitely the best way to sum it all up.

Yes indeed. They are effective because animation makes it possible to illustrate situations that are difficult to recreate or too expensive to do with traditional video.
Yes. All our training courses are coded in the SCORM format. It is thus possible to migrate them from one LMS to another. Please note that adaptation costs may be added to your subscription cost.
Yes and no. In fact, you determine a minimum number of users within your company who will be able to have access to the training courses during the subscription. You will always have the opportunity to increase it by sending us a request.
Yes. The determined number of users are not associated with any specific persons. These are access codes which, depending on staff turnover for example, can be reassigned to other resources.

Yes. Thanks to our dashboard, you will be able to follow the progress of your employees’ training. You can even see the amount of time spent in training by indicating the hourly rate of the users concerned.

Yes, no problem. If they don’t have an email address, they can register using an external authentication service linked to their Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Microsoft account.
Generally, once the transaction is confirmed, setting up a library specific to your company and sending the codes takes place within 48 hours.
No. Once the access codes have been received, we consider that the transaction is concluded for the chosen subscription period (generally for one year).
Yes. At any time, during business hours, you can contact our technical support service for troubleshooting.
No. The trainings are to be distributed as such within your company according to the number of users you have chosen. Any unauthorized reproduction, alteration or distribution to third parties is prohibited.

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